Airseal is a revolutionary airtight solution designed to address the challenges of ash leakage and air ingress in thermal power plants. It is cutting-edge technology developed by Airseal Technology LLP, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the thermal power industry. Airseal effectively seals critical areas like the Penthouse, Doghouse, and Expansion Joints, ensuring optimal plant performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With a proven track record and a commitment to continuous improvement, Airseal is transforming the way thermal power plants operate and revolutionizing their efficiency.


Airseal solves many industrial challenges

  • Controls ash leakage in thermal power plants

  • Prevents air ingress for improved combustion efficiency

  • Enhances energy efficiency and reduces specific coal consumption

  • Promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing pollutants

  • Ensures operational stability and minimizes equipment malfunctions

  • Offers customized solutions tailored to plant requirements

  • Backed by the expertise and reliability of Airseal Technology LLP



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Key Features and Benefits of Airseal

  • Prevent Ash Leakage:

    Airseal creates an airtight barrier, effectively preventing ash leakage in critical areas such as the penthouse, doghouse, and expansion joints.

  • Reduce Air Ingress:

    By tackling air ingress issues, Airseal optimizes power plant efficiency, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximizing energy harnessing.

  • Improve Energy Efficiency

    Our innovative technologies minimize heat losses, conserving valuable resources and enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Airseal's solution aligns with environmental policies and norms, promoting clean and hygienic workplaces while reducing emissions.

Quality is

The Cornerstone of Airseal

Airseal prioritizes quality in every aspect of its operations, from product design to manufacturing processes. Our in-house production facility follows NSIC and ISO certification standards, ensuring that our products meet and exceed performance parameters.

Our dedicated team of researchers and engineers is committed to continuous improvement. We constantly strive to enhance Airseal's efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating the latest advancements and innovations in the power industry

At the core of Airseal's mission is a bold ambition to become the fastest-growing and most efficient brand in the power industry. We aim to make a significant impact not only in India but also on a global scale, by reducing ash leakages, minimizing heat losses, and optimizing specific coal consumption.

Clients who choose Airseal experience remarkable benefits from day one. Our solution delivers a substantial return on investment, multiplying advantages for power plants. By eliminating ash leakages and enhancing thermal efficiency, Airseal significantly improves the operational performance of power plants

Airseal is dedicated to powering the world towards excellence. We strive to create a positive impact in the power industry by providing reliable solutions that contribute to clean, efficient, and sustainable power generation.

AIRSEAL Offers specialised services in core industries ensuring clean, safe, productive work place and environment

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